This semester we would also like to introduce the AStA’s new booksharing position to all the bookworms among the students and those who would like to become one.

Books enable us to immerse ourselves in the world of authors in a unique way, to experience new perspectives and to be carried away by an exciting story.

Why not make this possible for other fellow students instead of letting your books gather dust in the cupboard?

At the RUB’s KulturCafé there are two bookcases for the project, where you can make your books available to your fellow students and take a book or two with you. You can put as many books as you want in the cupboard, but please make sure that you only take as many books as you really want to read when you take them with you. So that the books find as large a readership as possible, please put the books you have already read back in the cupboard.
We hope for a lot of support and a lot of books to read so that we can offer you booksharing places at other locations on the campus.