The department of e-sports will continue to be represented at the RUB with numerous tournaments, championships and retro gaming evenings. We are also a long-term partner of the web night organized by the ETIT / ITS / AI student council. In addition, the scientific part should not be neglected and should be supplemented by lectures. You can find more information about e-sports events here.

Consultants and their Nicknames

  • Navid Heshmati [Silidor]
  • Abdurrahman Demirci [RizeAbdu53]
  • Emre Öztürk [KaizokuLars]
  • Alexander Bröcking [Mentor1337]
  • Nikita Kantor [Itatorius]


AStA der Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Referat für Sport und E-Sports
SH 013
Universitätsstraße 150
44801 Bochum
E-Mail:  esports[at]