Food sharing – sharing food at RUB

Discover our fair divider in the SH entrance area between the Kulturcafe and the AStA. In cooperation with foodsharing Bochum, there are two shelves and a refrigerator for leftover food.

Vacation is just around the corner and the cucumbers still have to go? The chocolate you bought is not your taste? Then just put the things in the fair divider instead of throwing them in the bin. Or take what you can find there and use it yourself. You don’t have to put anything of your own in to take something out!

First rule: do not give anything to others that you would no longer eat!

The aim of the project is to establish a central contact point in the AStA for food sharing. The project is a contribution to the more conscious handling of food, because sharing is caring!

Food savers from food sharing Bochum are also on site regularly and put saved food in the fair divider. If you feel like taking part or just have questions, just talk to them!

What is allowed in the fair divider?

Only food that you would still eat yourself should be shared. Food that requires refrigeration should also be placed in the refrigerator and not on the open shelves.

Food that has passed its best-before date can be stored in the refrigerator – but it must be clearly identified.

However, food whose use-by date has passed may no longer be shared.

This can be seen from the caption above the date printed on the product: “Best before” must be differentiated from “At least use up”, as you can smell the former without hesitation or even try it to check whether it is still edible.

What not to share?

The following foods may not be passed on via the fair divider, as there is always a potential health risk:

  • Pig meat
  • Ground beef
  • Products made from unheated raw milk
  • Freshly prepared food that contains eggs
  • Creams and pudding, tiramisu and mayonnaise (if homemade with eggs and milk)
  • Alcohol (for reasons of youth protection)

Food sharing

General information on foodsharing is also available at

If you have any questions, contact or the Facebook page (foodsharing Bochum).

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated hygiene regulations, the food sharing shelf in the AStA is currently not filled.