The General Student Committee (AStA) is the representation of the student body elected by the student parliament (StuPa). It implements the resolutions of the StuPa and administers the day-to-day business and the budget.

The AStA board has a special responsibility. It is responsible for the organizational business process and personnel matters.

The chairperson exercises legal supervision over the AStA and the StuPa, holds an activity report at every StuPa meeting and e.g. suggests the StuPa candidate for the members of the AStA.

The financial officer is obliged to keep track of the budget drawn up by the StuPa and he ensures that the AStA manages the budget according to legal regulations. They have a great financial responsibility, as the budget has a total of over € 18 million due to the semester ticket and the social contribution to be paid by each student (€ 18.12 per semester).

The AStA is divided into various departments, each with a different focus in their work, similar to the ministries of a state or federal government. For general questions, the department for service and public relations is usually the first address, but each of them will be happy to help you with all your questions.

In addition to the lectures, there are several business operations and advice centers to make everyday university life as pleasant as possible.