Scholarship program for single parents at the Ruhr University Bochum

There is no room for maneuver when studying, raising children and daily financing can be brought under one roof. Single students at the university are under great time pressure. Since the introduction of modularized courses, the situation has worsened again because the course of study can now be planned less flexibly. This places special demands on student parents because they have to organize a family and, as a rule, a job during their studies.

The main reasons for an almost impossible balancing act for single parents – especially in the final phase of their studies – are due to the fact that:

  • they may no longer be entitled to BAföG,
  • they have no further financing options,
  • ALG II is usually withheld from them and
  • they do not have the time resources for a part-time job without losing valuable study time.

Due to a lack of financial and time resources, single students often choose to leave university without a degree. Spielraum e.V. is committed to ensuring that it does not come to that with a scholarship program!

Single parents should be financially supported and their access to the labor market should be secured. In addition, it is a central concern of the association to make the public as well as political decision-makers aware of the disadvantage of single-parent students and to actively campaign for a family-political study atmosphere.

If you have any questions about the application or the association in general, the AStA’s social counseling service is available to you.

The monthly funding amount is 150 euros, the maximum funding period is two semesters. In special emergencies, the scholarship can also be granted as a one-off support.

The Applications forms, you could find at the Link:


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