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[updated last on: 10.04.2024]

The Deutschland-Semesterticket is valid from 01.04.2024.


1) During the login process, the error message “Incorrect password” arises:

2) My ticket is not shown on the RIDE ticketing site:

In general: The timely confirmed receipt of payment of the social contribution in eCampus (account overview) alone is not a confirmation of successful re-registration.

Please first try to log out of the RIDE campus portal and log in again.

If this does not work, try to retrieve a certificate of enrollment for SoSe 2024 in eCampus.

  • Option 1: Certificate of enrollment not available (no complete re-registration yet)
    Please contact the Studierendensekretariat. If you have already done so, please wait for their reply.
  • Option 2: Study certificate available (other technical problem in the RIDE Ticketing Portal/with our contractual partners)
    Please send an e-mail to with the information that the certificate of enrolment is available but the ticket is not, your LoginID and your matriculation number. Your data will be checked there.

3) Ticket not yet available and you are checked

The student ID card or a certificate of enrollment is not a valid substitute for the ticket. If you are checked and cannot show your ticket, an increased transportation fee will be charged, and you will receive a ticket that you have to pay the fee. Please send us the ticket, your ticket or the QR code (if you can access it) and your certificate of enrollment to, and we will take care of it.

Usage options and conditions of the Deutschland-Semesterticket

The Deutschland-Semesterticket is valid for public transport throughout Germany. It can be used on all means of public transport (all local public transport vehicles, buses, trams, city and subway trains as well as suburban trains, regional trains and 2nd class regional express trains). It is not possible to carry bicycles or passengers.

IC/EC and ICE trains may not be used unless these trains are released for Germany semester tickets due to exceptional delays of the REs and RBs.

VRR information on the Deutschland-Semesterticket

How do I get my ticket?

The Deutschland-Semesterticket must be downloaded each semester. However, this is only possible if your social contribution has already been received and booked by the University Cashier’s Office. You can obtain your semester ticket digitally via the RIDE Ticketing Campusportal and add it to your cell phone wallet. This can be done from any device with access to the internet.

During the changeover period between 20.03. and 01.04., you may be shown several tickets in the RIDE Ticketing campus portal. The correct ticket for SoSe 24 is shown below:

Validity of the semester ticket

The Deutschland-Semesterticket is valid from 01.04. to 30.09. for the summer semester and from 01.10. to 31.03. for the winter semester. So remember to re-register on time and have your ticket extended.

Your ticket is only valid in addition with an official photo ID such as an identity card or passport. Due to the nationwide fare regulations, the ticket is only valid in digital form, namely

The following must apply when carrying the ticket on a digital device (e.g. Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop):

  • The device must be charged and fully functional when showing the ticket
  • Certain ticket features must be displayable: name, date of birth, QR code

If you forget your ticket and are checked, this does not count as fare evasion. You will have to show your Deutschland-Semesterticket later and pay an administration fee. The fee depends on the respective transport company and is usually between 4 and 8 euros. The valid ticket must then usually be shown within 7 days.

Bicycle and passenger transport

It is not possible to carry bicycles or passengers. An extension must be booked for bicycle transport (e.g. bicycle ticket for 24 hours, NRWupgrade bicycle for use in NRW).

Area of validity of the semester ticket

Your Deutschland-Semesterticket is valid throughout Germany. Due to the fare regulations, it is not valid for travel to the neighboring Dutch municipalitiy Millingen a.d. Rijn’s-Heerenberg.

Validity in peripheral areas

The Deutschland-Semesterticket is valid for travel in 2nd carriage class on the routes and local trains of the following rail transport companies (EVU) on routes outside Germany:

DenmarkNeg Niebüll GmbH Norddeutsche Ei-senbahngesellschaft NEGSüderlügdum – Tønder
FranceDB Regio AGBerg(Pfalz) – Lauterbourg
Schweighofen – Wissembourg
Vlexx GmbH
Schweighofen – Wissembourg
Netherlandseurobahn (eurobahn GmbH & Co.KG)Kaldenkirchen – Venlo
Bad Bentheim – Hengelo
DB Regio AGGronau(Westf) – Enschede
VIAS GmbH VIAEmmerich – ZevenaarArnhem
AustriaDB Regio AGPfronten-Steinach – Vils – Reutte (Tirol) – Ehrwald – Griesen
(„Außerfernbahn“, nur im Verkehr von und nach Deutschland, nicht im innerösterreichischen Binnenverkehr)
DB RegioNetz Verkehrs GmbH SOB (Südostbayernbahn)Freilassing – Salzburg Hbf
Österreichische Bundesbahnen ÖBBFreilassing – Salzburg Hbf
Bayerische Regiobahn GmbH BRBFreilassing – Salzburg Hbf
Kiefersfelden – Kufstein
PolandDB Regio AGAhlbeck Grenze – Świnoujście Centrum
Die Länderbahn GmbH DLB (trilex)Görlitz – Zgorzelec
Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH ODEGHirschfelde – Krzewina Zgor-zelecka – Hagenwerder
SwitzerlandSBB Deutschland GmbHZell im Wiesental – Lörrach – Basel SBB
Erzingen (Baden) – Trasadingen – Schaffhausen – Thayngen – Bietingen
DB Regio AGWeil am Rhein – Basel Bad. Bf – Basel SBB
DB Regio AGErzingen (Baden) – Trasadingen – Schaffhausen – Thayngen – Bietingen
Herten(Baden) – Wyhlen – Grenzach – Basel Bad Bf
SBB AGLottstetten– Jestetten – Schaffhausen
Thurbo AGLottstetten– Jestetten – Schaffhausen
Czech RepublicDie Länderbahn GmbH DLB (trilex)Zittau – Hradek nad Nisou
Bärenstein – Vejprty
Seifhennersdorf – Varnsdorf – Zittau

The Deutschland-Semesterticket is also valid on the following bus lines (ÖSPV) of the North Rhine-Westphalian transport associations of the Deutschlandticket in the Netherlands and Belgium:

CountryLine section from national border toLine (company)
BelgiumKelmis Bruch24 (ASEAG)
NetherlandsVaals Busstation25 (ASEAG)
Vaals Flats33 (ASEAG)
Vaals Heuvel350 (ARRIVA)
Heerlen (Gewerbegebiet Avantis)74 (ASEAG)
Kerkrade, Locht Crombacherstraat17 (ASEAG)
Kerkrade, Locht Crombacherstraat (nur dieser Abschnitt)44 (ASEAG/ARRIVA)
Kerkrade Busstation34 (ASEAG)
Kerkrade, Bleijerheide Schummerstraat/ Kerkrade, Bleijerheide Pricksteenweg (Bundesgrenze verläuft auf Straßenmitte)54 (ASEAG)
Beekdaelen, Schinveld A Gen BiesMultibus (WEST)
Sittard-Geleen, Sittard StationSB 3 (WEST)
Sittard-Geleen, Sittard Lange Voer / Sittard SportcentrumlaanMultibus (WEST)
Echt-Susteren Maria Hoop, Echterbosch Prinsenbaan 14/7Multibus (WEST)
Roerdalen, Posterholt VlodropperwegMultibus (WEST)
Venlo Station29 (NIAG)
Nijmegen, HANSB 58 (NIAG)
Berg en Daal-Millingen a.d. Rijn, de Gelderse Poort60 (LOOK)
Montferland-´s-Heerenberg, Molenpoort91 (LOOK)
Aalten-Dinxperlo, Weg n. d. HeurneC7 (Stadtbus Bocholt)
Aalten StationC11 (Stadtbus Bocholt)
Winterswijk BusstationR71 / T10 / T55 (RVM)
Enschede Busstation / NST88 (RVM)

Conciliation service

In the event of problems relating to local public transport, the local public transport arbitration board will intervene on request. The Schlichtungsstelle Nahverkehr is an independent institution financed by funds from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and contributions from association members. Members of the association include the North Rhine-Westphalia Consumer Advice Center, the Association of German Transport Companies and transport companies from North Rhine-Westphalia. The arbitration board operates free of charge and settles out-of-court disputes between transport companies and passengers.

You can reach the arbitration board at 0211/3809380 or

Further questions?

The Infrastructure Department will be happy to help you!

You can also send your questions to

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